By Tom Spearman-Black
5 minute read

1st of April 2021

Under The Seams

We spent the best part of a year agonising over the smallest of details while developing our T-shirt.

Every panel, stitch and hem was considered, then reconsidered, with countless variations and tweaks to finally get, what we consider to be, the perfect fitting and long-lasting T-shirt that you and your wardrobe deserve.

But what’s really under the bonnet of our T-shirt, and why are we so proud of it?

It starts with the fabric

And this is what makes our take on this wardrobe staple a change from the usual approach and so special.

We tried a lot of ‘off the shelf’ fabrics in the development process and, in the end, we couldn’t find one that was up to the quality we wanted.

So, we made our own

This is not how the average T-shirt is made, and it shows.

Switching our search to the best quality yarn and knitting process meant that we had total control of the whole undertaking, and it paid off.

Our take on the perfect jersey fabric is made from knitting together two 24 filament Supima yarns on a specific make and model of knitting machine, so that we end up with a fabric that gives us the feel and properties that we’d been searching for.

We then use a finishing method to stabilise the fabric so that it won’t shrink and to get the level of softness that we couldn’t find elsewhere.

The long-staple 100% Supima Cotton yarn we use to make our T-shirt is stronger yet softer, more comfortable and longer-lasting than regular cotton. It’s grown in the USA in the golden state of California, and then its spun, knitted and manufactured in England.

The 165gram fabric is light enough to wear all day, either on its own or underneath our merino sweater, but it’s also solid enough that it holds its shape, even after a tough day at the office, the pub or the beach.

We also use a reactive dyeing process to ensure that it keep its colour, wash after wash – even if you don’t use a heavily TV advertised washing liquid that promises whiter whites or brighter colours.

And what of the construction?

Well, for starters, the cut is critical. Ours is fitted across the shoulders and back to give it shape, whilst loosening through the mid-section for comfort.

The sleeves are semi-fitted, meaning there’s no need to spend hours on your arms in the gym (because, who has the time anyway?) and the collar is wide enough to be comfortable, without being loose and compromising its shape.

The collar is bound in self fabric rather than ribbed, a design that we think elevates the whole T-Shirt.

Seams on the neck and sleeve are twin-needle stitched to make them durable against everyday wear and to maintain that all important fit we worked so hard to develop – again, wash after wash.

So you ask, was it worth it?

The year long development, the sleepless nights, the factory visits and the cries of neglect from our partners.

Too right it was.

We’re proud of our T-shirt, and we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

See for yourself