Never At A Cost
To Our Planet

Sustainability and ethical issues are at the very core of Elgen.
We're partnering with some of the worlds best factories and finest ateliers,
to source the sustainable fabrics and manufacture all our clothes to the highest ethical standards.
We don't think you should have to choose to make the right choice.

Sustainably Sourced

We're working with some of the worlds best suppliers and factories to source the finest sustainable fabrics we can find.

The Supima cotton we're using in our T-Shirt is grown on only 500 family owned farms in California, where the farming practices set environmental and ethical standard for cotton around the world. Our growers go to extreme lengths to minimise water consumption, and maximise soil conservation.

Our Cashmere comes from nomadic cashmere farmers with flocks typically between 2 to 300 hundred goats. Working in partnership with our approved de-hairers, our factory ensures sustainable herding and grazing practices, high standards of animal welfare, while working to protect the traditional way of life within nomadic communities. The factory is based on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland, giving them a vast supply of purse soft Scottish water that's essential for the look and feel of our Cashmere. All the water used is return to the loch – cleaned to make sure the brown trout, pink-footed geese and 35,000 wintering birds can thrive in the world-renowned RSPB nature reserve of Loch Leaven.

Made To Last,
Designed To Be Lived In

While the source can be as sustainable as possible, we believe the final products need to be as well, so we're making all our clothes to last well beyond the standard wear times.

Wearing a garment for 9 months longer than standard 2 month wear cycle for fast fashion reduces its carbon foot print by 30%, and stops them from languishing in landfill after just a few washes.

Our Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, making it extraordinarily resilient to wear. It washes better, keeping its shape so that your T-Shirt will fit you properly and last far longer.

Our Cashmere use only the finest fibres, getting softer with every wear while resisting pilling and fraying, lasting far longer than wool blends traditionally used.

We personally check all our factories to ensure that workers hours and pay are both ethical and fair.

Always Getting Better

We're constantly looking for ways to improve and make our clothes, operation and business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

From getting rid of single use plastics in our supply chain, to making sure our packing is only made from recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable we are looking at every way we impact the environment and how we can limit this as much as possible.

We have, what we think are some really exciting ideas for how we can get better over the coming years.