It’s strange, isn’t it, the attachment we have to our clothes?

The cloth, thread and buttons we move through our lives in. Because they’re greater than the sum of their parts, aren’t they; they give you confidence, they hold memories, they wash and age, and become yours.

It’s not just a T-Shirt, it’s your T-Shirt.

Like a great many things, Elgen started with a discussion during, perhaps, one too many drinks between myself, Jamie Smithson, and my business partner, Ian Clifford.

Why was it so tedious and hard to simply find the clothes we and our friends wanted?

Either they were over our budget, which was now slightly reduced due to kids, mortgages/rent and vices to afford. Or, due to an obsession with seasonality and constantly changing collections, purchasing the same item again at some point down the line, was next to impossible. Mostly the quality just wasn’t there, and garments would wear out after a few washes. But mainly we didn’t feel connected to the brands.

So we decided to scratch our own itch, and Elgen was born.

We’ve set out to make clothes based on a few core principles which are important to us.

Clothes that are made to last and designed to be lived in. Sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured from the finest fabrics we can find. That, in our opinion, are correctly cut. A core range that is without seasonality and always available. That fits consistently throughout the range, so if you’re a medium in a shirt, you’re a medium in a jumper. And that’s designed to be worn together. So the T-Shirt neckline fits perfectly under the Cashmere jumper, that hits the correct line of our trousers.

And if Steve McQueen wouldn’t wear it, we aren’t making it.

We’re making what we think are the best versions of the clothes we want to wear.

We hope you’ll agree.

Jamie & Ian