By Jamie Smithson & Ian Clifford
2 minute read

19th of May 2020

Our Guarantee – Is it for Real?

What’s up with our guarantee?

It’s punchy.

We know.

Could it push us out of business?

Who knows!

We hope not.

Will it always be there?

We don’t know.

OK, rewind.

What is the guarantee?

It’s this:

Anything you buy you can send back up to 30 days after you buy it for a full refund.

We just ask that you’re sensible and don’t send us back something you’ve worn or washed.

We think that’s fair.


We want you to be happy.

We want to make our clothes the best they can be.

If we’ve messed up and sent you something you don’t like then that’s our fault, not yours.

Why should you be out of pocket?

You took a chance on us and it didn’t work out.

That’s on us.

We hope we’re not mad.

We hope that this reduces your risk. Makes you happy to try our clothes.

We’re confident that our clothes are awesome.

If you disagree, fair play.

But we’re gambling that you’ll agree.

You’ll like the fact we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

That it’ll make you pull the trigger and buy something to try.

We do not want you to send it back because we want you to love it!

Worth a shot right?

(You can read more about the Elgen guarantee here)