Why is Elgin (That's not a typo).

It’s why; not who or what.

Why matters. We’ll get to who we are and what Elgin is soon enough.

But ‘why’ is important.

It’s about the things we stand for and stand against.

Lofty claims for a clothing company that’s only existed for five minutes you’re probably thinking.

But, if we don’t stand for something, and have a reason for doing what we’re trying to do, then really there would be no point in trying at all.

We’re told by mentors and business advisers that we should be able to distill what Elgin is about into a phrase that we could fit on a doormat.

Here goes:

‘We’re building an exceptional men’s wardrobe. Exceptional quality, longer-lasting, better value’.

You know what?

There’s at least 50 versions of that we’ve written.

All of them have few core things that they have in common.

We’re making premium quality menswear that competes with luxury brands, but at the same price as the higher end of the high street.

That means we’re making clothes that have the quality of Sunspel or Paul Smith, but we’re selling them at the price of All Saints.

We’re making as much of our range as possible in the UK. We’re passionate about British manufacturing and aim to support it as much as we can. But, some of the processes have to be done in other countries because that’s the only way, right now. We just don’t always have the skills in the UK any longer.

But we also need to admit that there are skills that are represented better in other countries and we have no plans to repatriate the manufacture of a product if it will diminish the quality.

That said, every single choice we make is balanced against the ecological and cultural cost to our planet and the people who are involved in the manufacturing process.

So our second why is to be as ethical as we possibly can.

We’re making products up to a quality, not down to a price.

Our clothes are made to last. When we make a high-quality product we are respecting the investment we ask you to make and giving you a garment that will pass the test of time.

We want our clothes to be durable. The longer they last, the less of the things we’ve produced will go to landfill.

It’s good for us and it’s good for you.

Good for the planet too.

Not only can you get much, much more use over a longer period of time from a better made garment, but the resources that were used in its manufacture are given more life.

The energy and raw materials that went into your Elgin garment are used for longer. That extension of the cycle means you benefit, but we also consume less as a producer.

Wearing a garment for 9 months longer than the standard 2-month fast fashion wear cycle reduces its carbon footprint by 30%.

The third pillar of Elgin’s why is that when you do need to replace an item or add to your wardrobe, the garment you’ve come to love will still be in our available collection for you to buy.

Now, and for years to come.

Fuck seasonality and designed in obsolescence.

How many times do we need to reinvent the T-Shirt?

We’ve done that. We’ve made it incredible.

So, when you need a new one, or you want it in another colour, you’ll be able to come back and buy the same thing. Same quality, same longevity, same concern for the planet and our producers.

Same T-Shirt.

So that’s the why.

Better clothes.

Always available.

Better value.

No harm.

Hold us to it.

But, as much as what we stand for, what do we stand against?

We’re out to stop fast fashion, throwaway culture, ever-expanding landfill, selfish consumption and WIIFM.

We want to value style, individuality, quality, longevity, hard work, ethics and aesthetics.

If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well.

That’s why.