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We're making, what we think, are the best versions of the clothes we want to wear.

The perfect head-to-toe wardrobe of all the clothes you need for every part of your daily life.

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We spent the best part of a year agonising over the smallest of details while developing our T-shirt. Every panel, stitch and hem considered, then reconsidered, with countless variations and tweaks to finally get, what we consider to be, the perfect fit.

Made from 100% Supima cotton. Grown in California, spun, knitted and made in England

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The Merino Sweater

Our Merino sweater is perfect for all seasons; light enough for all-day summer wear, while warm enough for those cold winter months.

Made from extra-fine fibres, responsibly and sustainably sourced from farmers in the Australian Outback and spun in one of the finest mills in Italy.

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The Trouser

All we wanted was a flat-fronted, comfortable, everyday trouser. That worked everywhere, at home, at work, and out with friends.

Made from cotton with just the right amount of stretch. That were cut correctly and fitted without a confusing sizing system and which weren’t exorbitantly expensive. 

We couldn’t find them.

So we’ve made them.

Designed to be your everyday trouser; comfortable, easy to wear and cut to make you look great.

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